Featuring August Talent Icon RJ Sophiya Anjam

They say fashion and class only belong to high-society luncheons and parties, launches and red carpets. Little do they know, there is a diva within everyone. To let your inner star shine, all you need is the right seasoning of “Confidence” and you can nail anything you wear, anywhere you are. That is the motto of our talent icon of the month, RJ Sophiya Anjam. 

The lovely Sophie is a firecracker of energy! We spent an entire day with her and boy, this lady does not know ‘tired’. One would think that, okay, the first part of the shoot is done and the poor girl must be exhausted, man it’s too hot in here, Sophie won’t be able to pull it off in this weather but who were we kidding? She pulled off a GREAT show with the cast of “Paray Hat Love” after an entire day of shooting in multiple venues (and skipped on pizza – say what again!?) 

Style comes naturally to you when you believe in yourself and have confidence, and confidence is what defines her. Sophie chose a Banafsheh lawn dress and a pair of Mochi Cordwainers heels from the Lalaland website – she absolutely killed it!

In between the radio show at FM 91 and all the fun and madness at the shoot venues, I found the opportunity to sneak in a few questions I always wanted to ask Sophie. Here is how it went:

So Sophie, how would you describe your style in three words? 

S: “Comfortable, Colourful & Versatile!” 

What made you choose Radio over TV?

S: “I have my roots in Radio, that’s where it all started from & which is why it will always be special to me. I’ve done TV and it’s great but the Radio gives me a sense of belonging somehow

Your favorite Pakistani RJs?

S: “I like listening to all sorts of RJs in Pakistan, depending on my mood. I’m quite an avid radio listener actually!

I know you love Radio way too much and you’ve always been associated with it, but still f you could change one thing about Radio, what would that one thing be?

S: “Two things actually. People working in radio need to be technically trained and taught well, so they understand the medium fully. Secondly, the medium needs to be audio/visual & we should be using technology to safeguard the future of radio.” 

Okay, I know your answer to this but let’s say I wanna hear you say the words, what does fashion mean to you?

S: “Not much, style means more. Fashion fades, style is eternal.” 

What would you like to say to the upcoming RJs?

S: “Do your research, work hard & show consistency in your work so there’s longevity. Always treat your listeners nicely. Also, please don’t speak in-between when you play songs!”  (Listen up noobs, you learn from the maestros)

Here’s more from our fave Sophie about how you could become an RJ.

Wear your confidence! Dress up for work, put on your favorite shades and perfume, wear a bright smile and be your own fashion inspiration. That’s all that Sophie’s taught us here at Lalaland.

Signing off for now but you guys stay tuned for the Lalaland x FM91 collaboration – a whole lot of prizes and an opportunity to talk to us on RJ Sophiya Anjam’s show.

Adios until then my fashionistas. 



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