Rang Rasiya Lawn Collection – Carnation Luxury Lawn 2019


It is all festive when Rang Rasiya Lawn Collection is set for the online launch. All the ladies around the country wait for the launch. As soon as the lawn hits the online stores and their partner retail stores it goes out of stock. We have witnessed the collection running out of stock as soon as it is up for online pre-booking – Rang Rasiya surely likes to break the record of the fastest online selling lawn of the year. And why not, after all, their designs are absolutely stunning, they surely keep women of all ages in their mind when they design their luxury collections and each collection that comes out speaks of a whole new era of modern elements and design. 

Previewing of Rang Rasiya Carnations Luxury Lawn by Our Favorite IT Girls

Moving on to the  Rang Rasiya Lawn Collection launch, they have just launched their Rang Rasiya Carnation Luxury Lawn 2019, the collection preview was celebrated by Lahore’s favorite IT girls. Hadiya Azher, Zainab Reza, Saira Tiwana, Bushra Mustafa and Nazish Sameer were wearing the new Rang Rasiya Carnation Luxury Lawn. We absolutely loved the way each and every girl styled their lawn dresses representing their own individual style, it was indeed a soiree to remember. 

A Closer Look

Rang Rasiya Lawn

We loved the detailing on the Carnation Luxury Lawn this year. The stunning prints, embroidery, frills, and laces have delivered just the right amount of festive feel to the ensembles. Another interesting thing here is the fact that the girls wearing their Carnation Luxury Lawn have experimented with their dresses. We see long and short shirts, full sleeves and sleeveless, straight pants and gharara pants, pearls and embroidered motifs.

The new collection debuts Schifli Embroidered Shirt paired up with printed fabric for trousers. This collection also features an intricately done pure bamber chiffon foil printed dupatta. Tissue fabric and embroidered neckline jazzes up the entire look of the elaborate Rang Rasiya Lawn Collection 2019. <>

Rang Rasiya is known for its innovation in print and design evident in their collections. Each collection launched is different from the last one. And not only that, unlike with other lawn brands, Rang Rasiya’s previous collections never go out of fashion. In fact, their collection becomes classic!. How many of you instantly fell in love with their previous wedding edition knowns as Chatoyer? We know we do! And this time around, the Carnation Luxury Lawn has broken bigger records!

Rang Rasiya Lawn Collection

Styling the Rang Rasiya Carnation Luxury Lawn

Some of the styling options that will go with this collection are 90’s hairdos for sure. Other than the hair, large chunky pearl jewelry will also look great. We recommend thick eyeliner and bold lips to go with these suits. As for the shoes, we suggest going bold and to try out a bit of a shimmer in the shoes. Definitely peep-toe pumps and heels for the shoes!

Rang Rasiya Carnation Luxury Lawn

The collection is based on a total of 12 dresses and the price range goes from PKR 5995/- to PKR 6395/- It can be bought here online and you can receive it within 2-5 works days after the launch takes place. Let us know your favorite new lawn design 2019 in the comments below, we would love to hear your thoughts! 

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