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It won’t be entirely wrong to admit that all the excitement for Eid shopping sometimes is far more than Eid. Women start eyeing the eid lawn dresses designs and await the Eid collections to launch. As soon as the launch takes place, women begin ordering and hitting the malls to grab their favorite joras. Everyone wants to look their best on all Eid days. But the humid weather gets in the way of Eid formal wear and all the makeup. This being a huge reason why Eid lawn collections take the retail stores by storm. One can adorn a formal lawn jora and still feel comfortable all day long. That is the beauty of formal, embellished, sequined lawn suits. Just wear the coordinating accessories, the right amount of makeup. Pair it with an up-do that goes with the dress and you are good to go for the Eid celebrations.

Lawn is a fabric that is the most versatile in terms of design, comfort, and innovation. With a huge variety of lawn out there, it is not a problem anymore to find what to wear. Lawn is something that suits everyone as per their own individual style. Whether one is a die-hard fan of ‘Lawn by the yard’ or a complete designer three-piece ensemble, you will find absolutely anything if you are looking in the right places. From cost-effective to premium, from printed to embroidered, from the lawns with a lawn dupatta to lawns with net and chiffon dupatta, from stitched to unstitched suits, the lawn brands that designs Pakistani dresses caters to all kinds of needs, taste and price point.

Eid Lawn Collections in 2019 – What to Look Forward to?

Eid Lawn Collections this time around has finally shown its glimpse and we are very excited to bring you the breakdown of what is in so far. So the highlight of the Eid Lawn dresses this Eid is ‘Less is more’.

As the Eid collections of Pakistani dresses are coming in, we are seeing the emphasis on more elaborate ‘self-embroidered’ designs and some contrasting colors to give the whole ensemble a festive look and feel. As we browse further, organza hem-lines and organza detailing is also something very evident this season. Another trend that we see emerging is going for a different color, yet contrasting dupatta with a single colored eid lawn dress. The craftwork in some collections, the use of sequins and embellishments is simply to die for. Since the weather is not as hot as it was around Eid-ul-fitr, net, chiffon, silk and lawn dupattas, all have been incorporated in the collections.

A yet another trend to look out for is frocks and flowy shirts. Frocks can be printed and/or in a single plain color, “gota kiran” is certainly not going out of fashion any time soon and you can experiment with different styles of pants this Eid since so far, we see shalwars, boot cut pants, straight trousers, capris, culottes, gharara pants and in fact all the kinds of bottoms ever been in fashion, you can opt for them. What we no longer see are ‘churidaars’, but if you want to flaunt them too, then why not!

Are These EID Lawn Dresses Cost-Effective At All?

Is lawn expensive? The answer to that is not that complicated. When you get any jora made, you pay for the embroidery, you pay for the fabric and you also pay for the fabric dyeing and embellishments, and lets not even go to the spend on the commute and all the hassle this ordeal involves. When you calculate the cost, it equals to the exact amount or maybe far more of what you spend on a designer lawn and lawn suit designs.

Designer lawns do not require endless roaming around the town, dealing with vendors and haggling for prices, in fact, you don’t even need to step out and you can order what you really like, through your phone. So creating an ensemble from scratch won’t guarantee that you will get exactly what you have in your mind, but in case of a lawn suit, you know what you are getting – at almost the same price.

The next question being, is the price for these lawns justified? Well, we do have witnessed a revolutionary change in the prices of lawn in the last two years. The lawn suits that would cost nothing less than PKR 3000/- two years back can now be bought under PKR 2500/- This revolution began after a very popular lawn brand brought the prices down tremendously, leaving everyone stunned, and the lawn fanatics, happy.

Eid & Lawn – What the Strong Connection?

Have you witnessed an increase in the demand for Lawn suits lately and you wonder why is it so? We did our little research and we think the following may be the reasons:

  1. Weather & comfort

We talked about how the Lawn material has made Eids and dressing up a pleasant affair in the hot and humid parts of Pakistan. The colors, prints, embellishments and the comfort it offers can’t be compared in the hot weather. It is MADE for this country and the hotter parts of it. So, it definitely is the best choice whether you are looking for formal and festive wear or something that you can wear in your everyday life.

  1. Affordability

Lawn is a fabric that comes in the affordability bracket of an average Pakistani woman. You can find lawn material for as low as PKR 500 per yard and it goes over PKR 10,000. The designer festive eid lawn dresses are too starting for as low as PKR 3000. If you don’t appreciate the to and fro between vendors and want something that is ready to be stitched, you have plenty of affordable options available.

  1. Availability

It is no surprise that there is a new lawn brand launching every week, each lawn brand has lawn suit designs and new collection ready to launch every 3 months or maybe less. That gives you a lot of options to choose from. Even if you like sticking by your favorite designer only, every lawn brand launches at least two Eid collections and five to six collections that they launch every year which leaves one with plenty to choose from.

  1. Accessibility

Talking about the connection of Lawn with Eid, accessibility has to be a huge reason. Women in Pakistan prefer the designer lawn over other available options because of accessibility. To create a formal suit from zero, one first needs to create the whole design and plan things out. And then the shopping begins. Going from one shop to another, then buying all the coordinating accessories for the dress takes a lot of time. One can skip all the hard work and simply order online that also costs them nearly just as much. A plus for the ones who believe designing is not one of their strong suits.

In Pakistani dresses, for the past decade, lawn has been every fashionista’s first choice for almost every event. One can find people wearing lawn at day weddings and formal events. The concept of wearing lawn was nothing less than blasphemy if you go back a decade.

So order your lawn suits, wear them the way you want. Accessorize them with your favorite accessories, turn them into formal wear or casual. Flaunt your favorite prints and styles this EID!

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