Evolution of Eastern & Western Style: Culture and Fashion

The Fashion industry is all about making edgy, bold, and trendy fashion statements. When fashion comes into the picture, culture is a vital part of it. Culture and fashion go hand in hand. Our clothes are a way to express our personality, who we are, where we came from, what we do, etc. Eastern and Western lifestyles and culture originated and developed over thousands of years. The clothing styles and fashions have been in flux. A major part of both cultures’ self-expression involves fashion, from special occasions to everyday attire. These two fashion cultures have been fused in the fashion industry in various ways. Let’s discuss which pattern of clothing you must go for? Should we go with a blend of all cultures or we have to follow the specific culture? 

Endless Possibilities With Eastern and Western Blend in the Fashion

Fashion holds the strength to change the world, it has the power to shape our lives! Designs play an essential role in celebrating one’s own fashion culture in the foreign territory and now globalization exchange of fashion culture is trending. Following the trends and everyday needs of people, the Eastern style has not lost its customary clothing sensibilities; they have just evolved to suit the lifestyles of people in the modern age. We see this with many high fashion brands and designers that use traditional motifs and shadows in new age ensembles.

As for Western fashion and style, there have been major changes in their dressing over time. Indeed, there was a certain signature touch to it in earlier times but now it’s about comfortable, on-the-go pieces and wearable items. The fashion sensibilities of both societies are shifting now. The West is beginning to appreciate the elaborate fabrics and rich colors of the East, while the East is gradually beginning to express themselves with clothing and trendy accessories, also allowing individualism to set foot into age-old traditions. 

How Are Pakistani Designers Taking Eastern Culture to The Western Platform?

The fashion designers carry the aesthetics and add modernity to their designs bringing the element of newness and monopoly in the overseas market. Over the years we have seen Eastern and Western fashion cultures amalgamating for setting some major latest fashion trends. 

Decade to decade, year to year, and season to season, we have witnessed the fashion industry face some radical changes, but the eastern and western fusion is still inescapable, it somehow always manages to awe the audience with its beauty and art. It successfully represents a masterpiece of the multicultural society of consumers and designers. Commerce and trade have worked as an intermediary to bring these civilizations together and the exchange of every idea took place at a very large scale. Western clothing displays more of a casual kind. The West is the trendsetter of the present fashion world. Their clothing includes jeans, t-shirts, skirts, pants, shorts, etc. What defines western clothing is anything comfortable and trendy. Whatever attracts and fits perfectly. 

Meanwhile, modern Pakistani brands (i.e., Ellegal, Hueman, HUUG, etc.) are inventing new textiles suited to modern tastes and using them in traditional pieces while considering society. 

Eastern or Western? Spice Up your Life with Both!

Both these societies today are starting to merge their fashion industry and clothing traditions to create a new, contemporary, and more globally accepted range. The most up-to-date fashionistas today will be those who would be willing to embrace the cultural blending of the East and the West, making the new global style their very own!

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Thomas Carlyle said, “clothes are symbolic of the soul”. Still according to Idi: “clothing cannot be separated from the history of the development of human life and culture”. Where you are more comfortable in western clothing, you need the eastern one to enjoy the tradition and events! 

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