Eid During COVID – 19: How Coronavirus is Affecting Ramadan & Eid?

Pakistan is going to celebrate Ramadan. In this religious month, families and friends gather for lavish meals or “iftar”, hours-long prayers at night and wealthy people also hold iftar for the poor and needy. Ramzan is truly a beautiful time, it’s such a spiritual experience, that for those thirty days we believe we can be better people and we try a lot too.

If someone asks any Muslim how they feel about Ramzan and Eid, then irrespective of their level of piety, their faces will light up and they will give you details of all their Ramzan memories with the excitement like a child. So, Ramadan is a lot more than just the holiest time for Muslims. This year, Ramadan is not same for Pakistanis. COVID-19 outbreak in the country has affected the rituals and celebrations of the month in the same way as it affected other social activities across the country.

Most likely, Eid al-Fitr 2021 is also going to be celebrated in self-isolation, which seems to go against the spirit of Eid, doesn’t it? Around the world, Eid is a holiday celebrated with the community, from praying together in the Mosque to visiting our extended family and to giving zakat to the poor. But the coronavirus pandemic continues to paralyze human movement around the world.

However, we can still share in the blessings of Eid from the safety of our homes, while upholding our community spirit and spending time with family! Here are some simple ways for how you can have a blessed Eid during the lockdown.

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Greet Family & Friends through Video Call

During Eid, visiting relatives and wishing them a blessed holiday is no longer safe because of the pandemic. But here is a piece of good news! You can celebrate with your family members and friends by video calling them. Just dress up and call your loved ones. You can also click countless pictures and create memories. Also, go on social media and show off your style! Well, looks exciting!!!

Organize an at Home Movie Night

Since most cinemas around the world have been shut, going out to see a movie during the holiday is impossible. Instead, families can organize a movie night at home to bring all the members of the home together. Buy snacks to make it feel more like a real movie theater. Keep gatherings small for the safety of your family and follow all the precautionary measures.

We would love to know, when are you planning to shop online?

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