Just Another Brown Girl

Body and color shaming in any society is so common that most people do not even consider it to be wrong to call someone fat or dark. Most people in our society specifically, are victims of body and color shaming. They are bullied because they are over or underweight, they are called different names and they spend their whole life living in these insecurities. Our talent icon of the month, Jannat from @Justanotherbrowngirl_ is a lovely, young and aspiring influencer who has been a victim of body and color shaming most part of her life. But unlike most people, Jannat has learned to not only deal with it, but she has also taken up the job to educate people about ‘body and color shaming’.

 “If you won’t accept yourself then who will? You don’t need anyone’s approval. So learn to love yourself for who you are because what you are is beautiful.” – Jannat

We LOVE Jannat’s Instagram (@justanotherbrowngirl_), where she loves to share her cool art edits, and she does not fear being photographed without makeup, just as she is. In a discussion over a cup of tea, in the middle of the shoot, we got to know a lot about Jannat. 

Amidst the passion for boxing and the dream of working for Hollywood, Jannat has shared how she was bullied for being a plus-sized girl, and for having a tan complexion her entire school life. “I had it rough, to the point where I dealt with a serious identity crisis. I was born dark and apparently, it’s a sin. My whole life I have been reminded of that either in the form of bullying and hatred or by those fairness ads that endorse how dark skin is just a symbol of ‘not being pretty’. This whole deal has led me into depression, anxiety, and self-doubts. I, sometimes, still struggle with that

As unfortunate as this is, young women in most parts of the world deal with what Jannat has been going through. 

However, this doesn’t stop Jannat from planning ahead and being positive. We loved her energy and her willingness to serve the cause so close to her heart ‘to devote 100% of myself in educating people about the true meaning of beauty and helping the victims in gaining their self-esteem back.

Speaking of fashion, and her own individual style, Jannat says: “My style is super versatile, inclusive and totally dependent on my mood”. 

She is bold and beautiful, and we totally see her starring in a Hollywood Box Office hit in the future!

We hope you enjoyed the looks we created for Jannat. We look forward to hearing which look out of the two, you loved the most! 

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