These Brides Did Their Own Makeover – Need I Say More?

Rumour has it that yours truly is making up her mind about walking the aisle this wedding season and you might be hearing wedding bells soon. I need all the inspiration I can get to ‘not’ end up being one of those brides who dread their makeup decisions at the last minute. I say, let’s leave everything and take a minute to admire these amazing women who took up the daunting job of doing their own makeup on the biggest day of their lives. Even the thought of doing my own makeover gives me the chills. Get your coffee and get comfortable wherever you are because we’re about to look at girls who were daring enough to do their own wedding makeover.

Maheen Shariq
This stunner did her wedding makeup herself and had Faiza’s Salon do the hair. I have always been a fan of Maheen for her makeup looks and I have always appreciated her thorough product breakdown. Little did I know that the best was yet to come. With the flawless makeup, gorgeous jora and a smile to die for, Maheen indeed looked absolutely stunning on her big day!
What I loved: Maheen opted for a soft glam look for the Barat. Soft shimmery cut-crease eyes, rustic peach lips, and soft contour. I do think that even though the makeup of all three of her functions was not exactly alike, I was expecting a drastically different look on her Valima. The makeup on all three days was flawless nevertheless!

Kiran Khan 

Kiran is popular for creating soft, subtle and well-blended looks. When it came to her own big day, she was gutsy enough to have decided to do her makeover herself. I’ve been a secret admirer of Kiran and I love the genuine product reviews on her Instagram. You guys should totally check out her work if you haven’t already (@kirankhanmakeup)!
The makeover: Kiran went for a rustic lip by mixing up a few shades that matched her dress instead of going for the conventional red lip like almost every other bride in the region. The color palette she chose for her Barat makeup gave her features a nice well-sculpted look. I loved her makeup over-all! 

The little Maroosha (aka @kiki_13th), who was only a teenager when she got married, has put most of us who can’t even put on an even eye-liner to shame. This girl is probably the most talented and humble makeup influencer I have ever come across. Maroosha, of course with her unparalleled skills, decided to do her wedding makeover by herself. She also did her sister’s Nikkah makeover and I absolutely loved it. She teaches so if you’re keen on learning the magic she does, check out her Instagram. It’s a real treat! <@kiki_13th>
The makeover: Maroosha has not shared the close-ups of her makeover on Instagram but I was able to find a few of her Barat photos on her Barat photographer’s Facebook page (yours truly has mad stalking skills when it comes to makeup and apparel). The highlight of her Barat makeup was her lovely red pout. Her overall makeup was a typical Barat look with thick lashes and red lips. Although it worked for her very well, I love other featured makeup looks by her more. 

Amna Farhad
It’s just not possible to talk about makeup and not bring up Amna Farhad. Amna is a talented makeup artist who also took up the daunting task of getting dolled up on her big day on her own. Her Instagram (@makeupbyamnafarhad) has all happy brides and positive wedding vibes (just what I need at the moment). She just became every girl’s favourite by her recent post about keeping focused on the right things as your wedding gets closer.The makeover: Amna sported a large center-parted updo on the Barat. The highlight of her makeup was her beautiful smokey shimmer eyes created with an ABH palette + Mac glitters. I LOVE her Barat eyes and I just can’t seem to look away! [Please insert a huge heart emoji for me here will you]

Naimal Khawar (Khan)
Will it be possible to talk about the brides who did their own makeup without bringing in Naimal Khawar (Khan/Abbasi? Confused!) The bride that has all the attention for the simplicity in her wedding makeover and hair, Naimal (@naimalkhawarkhan) wore a custom-made Maheen Shah ensemble that has elements from her mother’s wedding jora and decided to do her own makeup and hair because she wanted to be comfortable and keep it minimal. The fact that Naimal is no makeup influencer or a makeup artist, the decision of doing her own makeover was indeed pretty daring. With the right jewelry, makeup, and dress and a beaming smile on her face, Naimal surely looked like a sight for sore eyes!
The makeover: The kind of makeup she opted for was one that only takes a dab of color on the cheeks and lips. To make it a bit festive you add some highlighter on top of it, you know what I mean? I love how confident, happy and calm she was. She looked absolutely radiant. The rosy cheeks and lips, and a thin eyeliner and a beautiful smile is sometimes all you need. 

So which one of these brides did you like the most? Would you rather go for a makeup artist or are you thinking what I am thinking? Remember that at the end of the day, it is your happiness and comfort that matters so choose wisely!

Also my lovelies, practice makes one perfect and if you do end up wanting to attempt the stunt, I suggest you practice and practice hard (this is where you can shop for all the makeup you need, click

And with this, yours truly is signing off. Don’t forget to tell me your favorite bride from the above, or share some wedding makeup inspiration with me in the comments below. 


Love, Lalaland. 

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