#LoveLalaland – A day on the streets of Walled City

Fashion should not be restricted to high society luncheons, dinner parties, brand launches, and fashion shows. Similarly, fashion is not for just the models on the ramp, in fact, fashion is for everyone, which is exactly what lalaland.pk believes in: “fashion for everyone”.


Promoting the very concept, we brought the #LoveLalaland Campaign to prove it to you that you can practice fashion, and you don’t necessarily have to let go of your style even when you are working in a humid day on the streets of old Lahore.



Our featured Talent Icon for July, Amjad, behind “unmaderhyme” (on Instagram) demonstrates that you can look great and totally be in your element during work. We are stunned by his photography, so we decided to take the very beginning of #LoveLalaland campaign to our beloved ‘androon Lahore’. He did wonders, and we took the opportunity to shoot him while Amjad is doing what he does best!  It was indeed an experience one-of-a-kind.



Of course, one can’t skip the delicious Walled City breakfast when you are around here early in the morning, we had a little heart to heart with Amjad.


Q. Describe your style in three words

A. That’s easy! “Keep.it.simple!”


Q. Why photography?

A. It all started as a hobby but later I realized that photography is a universal language, nothing connects better with your audience than a visual piece of art and how people interpret your image, for me,  it is always thrilling. Ever since I started photography it has helped me connect with people from different cultures, languages, and nationalities.


 Q. How important is it to take the leap once in a while and try something new in photography?

A. My entire photography career has been nothing else but a leap after the other. In fact, in the very beginning when I finished university & was struggling with keeping a hobby and not wanting to stick to a 9 to 5 routine, I took a leap and pursued photography, it could go wrong! But photography turned out to be not only something I absolutely enjoy doing, but it is also my escape from a stagnant boring 9 to 5 office work. I enjoy my work, I make money, I experiment and I won’t have it any other way now.


Q. Do you remember your first photography project? What lesson did it teach you?

A. It was a wedding shoot and I quickly realized that this is not something I can do for long. Not at all!


Q. What influences you?

A. People, their stories, experiences along with our rich culture and heritage – it influences me to shoot more and show the world what Pakistan actually looks like!



Q. Your best & your least favorite project?

A. I think my first project (wedding shoot) was my least favorite and my personal favorite has to be the one for a Swedish Arts and Craft Magazine. In which one of my photos made it to the cover page, and I love it because it projected a positive image of Pakistan that too through a foreign magazine.


Q. How important is authenticity to you?

A. As an artist, it is the single most important attribute one can have. If your work doesn’t stand out from an already saturated photography space you’ll never be able to grow both in terms of audience and fulfilling your creative urge.


Q. The last and the most important question: What message would you give out to the upcoming talent in your field?

A. Practice, take criticism positively and always be open to learning from it and most importantly do not undervalue your skills!


The young and inspiring Amjad had a lot more to share which you can soon watch on our YouTube channel!


Stay tuned for the BTS of Amjad’s shoot on our Instagram stories. Do let us know what you think of our #LoveLalaland campaign in the comments below.


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