How to Transform Your Home into a Paradise This Eid?

Planning a lavish Eid dinner at home?  When friends and families get together to celebrate the blessings and make lovely memories, it’s called Eid. Love, acceptance, joy, and the delightful spirit of giving overflow in homes and hearts. Muslims celebrate by gathering together with friends and family, cooking sweet delicacies, wearing new clothes, exchanging gifts, and decorating their homes with lights and other decorations. They visit each other’s homes and extend greetings and blessings. 

On Eid, it’s fantastic to wear new clothes and give new outfits as gifts to friends and family, but why is your own home left out of the fun? Of course, we all clean and organize our homes in preparation for the big day, but why stop there when you can truly embrace the Eid spirit? In other words, our homes deserve to feel lovelier this Eid. They also deserve some new clothes! However, if you are running short of time and ideas to decorate your home this Eid, here are some easy ideas to make your house look ready for the festival.

Get Your House in Festive Mode with These Décor Suggestions – Ghar Sajao, Eid Manao!

Follow A House Cleaning Checklist to Start

A clean and well-maintained house is always appealing, so it is important to make a cleaning checklist and follow it before decorating. Here is a handy cleaning checklist for you to follow.

  • Eliminate unnecessary clutter and dust all surfaces to improve air quality. 
  • Clean the laundry area, bathrooms and kitchen carefully. 
  • Vacuum the sofas, carpets and floor. 
  • Mop the floor with a liquid floor cleaner to remove bacteria, mold and other potentially harmful particles.

Your home will look more pristine with the help of this checklist. It might take 3–4 days to finish, and once it is, check every corner for any items that were overlooked. Clean it if there is any dust or dirt present before tackling the creative aspects of your Eid Al Fitr home decoration.

Light Up Your Home with Dazzling Lights

This Eid spread good feelings by decorating your home with beautiful lights. There is a wide variety of lighting fixtures available today that can turn your home into a sparkling oasis. With appropriate lighting, you’ll have plenty of festive cheer at home to share with guests.

The use of fairy lights is a lifesaver when it comes to holiday decor. These lights can be used in many different ways and are a very easy way to add subtle Eid decorations to your home. They look beautiful whether you hang them around the house or put them in a vase or a bottle. You can also change your outdoor and hanging lights for a more appealing look.

Add A Touch of Traditional Flair with The Hanging Lights or Small Fanous

The fanous or Arabian lanterns have become an important part of Ramadan and Eid decorations. They come in an array of shapes, colors, and sizes and can be placed on the steps of the staircase or left in the hallway. To add an instant wow factor to your Eid home decor, style them with candles, trays, and fresh flowers on side tables or shelves. These lanterns are an easy way to make your Eid decorations stand out.

Set a Splendid Dining Table

Eid is a celebration of food, which is a great way to welcome guests and engage in a feast with friends and family. Presentation is important when it comes to food, and setting up the table is a great way to prepare everyone’s palette before a hearty meal. Preparing mouth-watering food is an art, and to make it even more interesting, decorating the table can add more shine to the food.

The most important details are that you should settle on a theme and create centerpieces with cake stands wrapped in flowers, candles, napkins in the shape of stars or crescent moons, and a table runner of matching colors. Additionally, you can get creative and make props to put on the table.

Switch to Decorative Lanterns

Lighting sets the mood and adds to the ambiance of a space. Lanterns are an elegant form of lighting that can illuminate magic in a darkened room and are a perfect touch to an Eid-themed table. The availability of traditional lanterns has been replaced by electric lanterns, which can be used as decorative pieces in different spaces of the home. In the evening, they can brighten up the home and When placed at the dining tables they make dinner more tempting and the table a favorite place for children to take selfies and make TikTok videos. 

Create A Special Eidia Corner – Add Some Glitter to Your Cushions & Pillows

What’s a festive mood without some sparkle? While everyone has their own preferred home design trends, a bit of glitter does no harm. Add some sparkle to your homes with sequined pillows or blingy crystal garlands. Arrange an Eid cake, decorate a memory wall with EID MUBARAK balloons, papers or wall art, and place gleaming cushions on the residing sofas or chairs. This will create a perfect festive mood and appealing sense! And it would be even better if you limit these decorations excessively to one corner of the home.

These were a few simple ideas for Eid home decor that you can use. While home decoration is important, we also wish that the festival and the holy period will bring your home good fortune, health, and prosperity for an amazing year to come. We wish you “Eid Mubarak” until then.

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