Wear Trendy Pajamas as Daywear Without Looking Daft!

What?! Pajamas are fully acceptable to be worn in public? It’s a dream come true! Face it, this was bound to happen sooner or later to chill outside too. Brands are out to reflect our habits, cranking out comfy wear smooth enough to be seen in your Instagram feed and outside of the home. Street-ready pajamas have now come in a variety of fabrics –from cotton to high-end silk– that allow true fashionistas pajama lovers to enjoy even more. Also, the style and versatility of the pajamas are other key components that make this trend so easy to adopt. 

Convinced yet? Pay attention to street-style photography to check out what upcoming young influencers are wearing. There’s a virtual guarantee that at least a couple of people are wearing pajamas. Let’s see how to style these pajamas outdoors to stay cool and cozy the whole day!

Style Tips to Get Pajamas Trend Right!

There’s a chance you’ve ignored this trend for the last two to three years or so because according to silly thinking, pajamas are for bedtime and flu-time, not daytime. To decline this assumption, the stars of street style wore matching silk pajamas with heels and looked completely normal in the tricky and transitional weather. 

During lockdown at home, this is the perfect time to explore how to style pajamas as daywear. And even as we gather in public again, this is a forever comfortable style that can be made chic for around town and evenings. Age doesn’t matter! Team up the pajamas with a blush vibrant colored shirt and high heels matching with lipstick. Boys can wear them with flip-flops for a walk at the beach or sneakers to have a casual meeting with friends. So, what’s better than this! Go and grab now at Lalaland.pk, we guarantee your outfit will turn heads for the right reasons!

Pajamas as Daywear – Yeah That’s A Thing!

For people with a hectic and work-centered lifestyle, wearing pajamas all day is like living the dream! They’re super comfy, and they signify a carefree, unstructured day free from all societal obligations. Therefore, the pajama trend evolved and are both versatile and comfy, so whether you’re running shops or heading to a work meeting, opt for the loungewear style to allow your gestures to fully express yourself. 

Are you enjoying the comfort of pajama dressing? Or Still not convinced? Have not created daytime outfits with pajama pieces yet? Visit Lalaland.pk to try some branded and most comfy pajamas and let your soul feel this world!

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