Jewelry We Can’t Wait to Try This Wedding Season

We see the wedding season is coming and there is so much on our check-list that we’ve been wanting to try for so long. With the weddings coming front right and center, all we want to do is try those gorgeous jewelry pieces that are ruling the fashion show runways.

For those of you who didn’t know the names of these, but have been wondering, we’ve got you covered!  

Afghani Necklaces

The gorgeous thread tassels, gunmetal color, large chunky statement necklaces are what we will be trying with casual apparel, you know those days when the wedding is around the corner, and you need something to your outfit that will effortlessly and almost instantly add oomph to your overall look? Especially when you are the “larki ki dost” who never really gets the time to get dressed up but has to literally be everywhere getting stuff done, and if lucky, look nice in the process, you know?

Matha Pattis

We LOVE these beautiful Matha Pattis, (yes, smarty-pants, we know they have been around since forever) but we never found enough courage earlier, to think about them, let alone wear them. So this time around with all the right inspirations and vibes, we might just wear them!  

Meena-Kari Jewelry

We’ve been swooning over Meena-Kari jewelry for the longest time. The chunky and colorful jewelry made a come-back last year and we see a lot of women wearing them at weddings especially at Mehendi functions. Now, we may not be wearing the whole set, but some large statement Meena-Kari jhumkas never hurt anyone! We like these

Gajra Jewelry

A jewelry style based on clusters of tiny little pearls, “Gajra Jewelry” is something we’ve been eyeing for a bit and now that the wedding season is here, we can’t wait to try them out. There is a variety of Gajra Jewelry out there. We feel that this specific style looks best in earrings and we will be trying this pair out for sure!

So, which one out of the above do YOU have your eyes on? We would love to know!



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