Don’t You Have Any Inspiration for Eid Outfit Yet? Get Some Great Ideas!

eid outfit ideas

Eid-ul-Fitr is just a few days away, the time of the whole year when you get a chance to dress up a bit more than usual. Even if the fasting days are on, the continued efforts to look our best on an auspicious day can be sensed from every nook and corner. But many of us are still thinking about what to wear. Well, you have to make a wise decision,…

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Get Your Glowing Skin Back with Eid Skincare Regimen

Eid & skincare

Eid is almost here. Ramadan is going so fast. Now you have to prepare yourself for Eid! Have you completed shopping for that day? Purchase of clothes, shoes, and accessories must be complete by now. But what about your skin? Is your skin prepared for that special day? You have just a few days to get your skin ready to glow. Oh No, it seems impossible. But if you haven’t…

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Pakistan’s Traditional Peshawari Chappals Trend Ahead of Eid-Ul-Fitr

Peshawari chappal

As the traditional festival Eid-ul-Fitr is just around the corner in Pakistan, the demand for the country’s traditional leather chappals locally known as “Peshawari Chappals” has risen from Pakistan and beyond. Let’s tell you one secret “Peshawari chappal is the most elegant eastern footwear”! Peshawari sandals were used to be worn by ethnic Pashtun people in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region in the past, but their popularity worldwide has increased many…

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Eid During COVID – 19: How Coronavirus is Affecting Ramadan & Eid?

Online shopping for eid

Pakistan is going to celebrate Ramadan. In this religious month, families and friends gather for lavish meals or “iftar”, hours-long prayers at night and wealthy people also hold iftar for the poor and needy. Ramzan is truly a beautiful time, it’s such a spiritual experience, that for those thirty days we believe we can be better people and we try a lot too. If someone asks any Muslim how they…

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Latest Eid Fashion 2021: Ramzan Mubarak – Eid Mubarak


The Holy month of Ramzan 2021 is about to begin. We all are looking forward to the days of fasting and prayers to Allah Almighty for good health, prosperity and happiness. Have you heard Happiness? Yesss!… One thing that comes to mind when we think about happiness, Ramadan or Eid is FASHION or our OUTFITS for celebrations. In the modern era, Eid and Fridays of Ramadan are the biggest occasions…

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Grab Life With The Right Hair Care Products

Why does your hair get so oily? How can you get perfect beachy waves? What haircut is best for your face shape? Are you losing more hair than you should? These are the questions that often arise whenever we sit alone or stand in front of the mirror. Well, you may think about it when you go to a party or any function where you look at people waving their…

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Lighten Up Your Casual Nights With Stylish Ladies Sleeping Suits

Women Sleeping Suits

Sleeping Suits for Ladies —(:)— Do you end up wearing a regular dress at night when you plan to sleep at a friend’s house? Are you ready to be seen in your nightwear by anyone else other than your family members? Or do you know that your nightwear is boring or bad-looking? if you are having such issues then it’s time to rethink your nightwear because there are a lot of options for trendy and comfortable sleepwear.…

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Prayer Mats/Rug – A Way to Stay in Touch with God

Prayer-mat featurd image

A prayer rug is a source of sharing anything i.e., desire, sorrow, and the problem with God! Don’t you think that it’s necessary to create a dedicated space for Salah in your home? It really serves an important purpose for your children that signals the importance of making time and space for prayer in their lives. It’ll hopefully inspire them to create one of their own someday, too. The most…

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How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel Bed?

It’s funny, to see what everyone misses most when away from home, and the winner is always “own bed.” Have you felt the same way? Have you ever craved the comfort of your own cozy space? No doubt, the home has its own feel. These days, we are lucky enough to stay in a few choice hotels that know how to make a bed right with the best bedding imaginable! Even sometimes,…

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Party Is in The Forest: Yeah, It’s Spring!

Flip Flop

It’s might not 100% feel but it’s technically spring! Yeah, It’s back now! We are excited for what the rest of this term holds. Over spring break, we are able to escape the cool temperatures. Who isn’t excited for warmer weather and summer? And, for the time being, we are talking about taking Advanced Photo and also about styling the dress with beachy, cognac, and chic accessories, creating the ultimate…

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